Toilet Paper Caper Part 3: Mission Complete

It started with a premonition. We visited General Dollar last night and Sgt. Price the “Cutter”. No luck with either of them and no leads. Whilst making our way back to camp, bewildered, tired and hungry; we were just about to wave our white flag. But wait, retired Master Sergeant, J. Allen, message in that Ft. Sam’s in Jeff City would get a shipment in on Sunday. She would nab the TP for us and place in the reserves. This was good, but not great news. Jeff City was just too far; we were uncertain if we could make it before our current supply ran out. Alas, we slept on this decision and were hopeful that by day break, we would have another solution. I awakened refreshed! I say, it came to me in a dream that Sgt. Price the “Cutter”, who was closest to our camp, would have the TP. I saw doubt on my partner’s face. I mean, a dream, ha! I would have probably laughed too. Nonetheless, we prepared ourselves for the day and hustle over to see Sgt. Price, “The Cutter”. We were braced for disappointment. This feeling was all too familiar now. I guess my premonition was wrong. No TP here either! Alas, a voice in the distance. ‘Excuse me, they have some down at Camp Republic West, Walmart.’ Could it be? Did my premonition lead us to meet this Friendly who one might call the–The Enlightened One? Do we trust her or is this a trap? But this was no chance meeting. We then made haste and journeyed on. Upon arrival we immediately begin to feel excitement as we see civilians leaving with TP in their possession. We enter and split up for efficiency. We arrive and to our surprise, what had once been empty bunkers now contained what we had longed for! TP!! Oh happy day!! The Elightened One did not lead us astray! Victory is mine! Sweet, sweet victory! We head on into town to celebrate. The crusade has ended and it is time to enjoy the spoils of war. Moral of the story is that perseverance, faith, hope and persistence will prevail in the face of adversity! Toilet Paper Caper: Mission Complete

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