Toilet Paper Caper Part I: The Quest

1am, it’s on! First to Denny’s to fuel for war; the conditions are unstable. Who knows how long we will be trekking. Next, Walmart at Camp Campbell. We strike out. There are signs that TP once existed, but that’s it; none to be found. Redirect, and decide to forage for non-perishables, fresh fruit, veggies, and meat for rations. Onward to Fort Walmart Independence. We survey the area; the scene is some better. A Friendly asks if we are just passing thru, we respond in the affirmative and continue to marvel at the damage down each row. Shelves empty, frozen food destroyed, fresh meats–obliterated. What’s this? Kleenex disposable fresh wipes? We shall both get our 2 packs each and check out separately. Stick it to the establishment. Ha! Take our haul back home. Will rest, refill the canteens and head out at daybreak. Got a tip from another Friendly upon leaving Fort Independence. At 6:30, we shall ride again! Stay tuned for Part 2!

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