Our 1st Home…Office

Today was the first day that we worked from home together. We are working in separate rooms, and have claimed our personal bathrooms. The kitchen is our breakroom, and the livingroom is the lounge; only to be used for longer breaktime or simultaneous breaks.  So far, so good.

We share about our day in real time. Exchange small gestures of love from time to time. But no crossing of the line; we ARE at work afterall. Besides, we don’t want to upset HR. We impose our own no fraternization policy–and enforce it!

He gets off earlier than I do, signs off, and is ready to call it a day. I still have an hour or 90 minutes left to work. He becomes Chatty Chistopher. This may be a challenge going forward. For this week. I will just continue to monitor his behavior. While it was a good day, I wonder when we will be allowed to.go back to our offices though. Lets see what tomorrow brings 🙂 .

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