All in a day’s time

I havent left my house for 2 full days. The rain and winds and oh yea, the Covid; havent made it easy. I usually go home for Easter. Instead, I was in my house, I did chores and cooked for myself, and meal prepped. Exercised with my favorite coaches virtually. Went to church via livestream. Prayed from afar with my family and friends. Communicated with others via text or brief calls. I got to see a picture of my uncle, taken thru a window, that my mother and aunt took while they talked to him on the phone and waved. At the present, nursing homes and hospitals are mimicking prison visitations. But still blessed to be able to visit in any fashion. A strange feeling was in the air today. Somber. The light of the resurrection brought levity to the day. The hope for better days is palpable. And I believe they are going to come. #realitybites #brighterdaysahead

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